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ARE WE INSECURE? – New Life Bulletin

First of all, let me say I am as guilty as anyone when it come to what I’m about to say. We like affirmation. I like affirmation. So when my team wins I feel like I’m part of a winning team. Somehow. So when I read of a member of the Church of Christ who has made a public name for their self, I feel affirmed that I am on a winning team. Somehow.
It seems I’m not alone in this. I keep seeing these sort of things. And I like them. But my question is, why? Do I somehow need to be reassured that my team has some players that are good at sports, winning beauty contests, doctors of note, news people and politicians? The answer is apparently, yes. I say, “So and so is a member of the Church of Christ.” Why? Perhaps it’s because we (I) are a little insecure with who we are. There is no doubt that we may have our reasons, but we are still part of that family. We are here because they were there, good or bad. Its our “”  
If that’s why we (I) need to be reassured that people who have public recognition are on my team, we (I) need to get over it. As the Churches of Christ we have our place in the world of Christianity, and it is more than for “star” power. The following are excerpts taken from an article by Ted Campbell, Associate Professor of Church History, Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University, which was printed in the Cross Lanes WV Church of Christ bulletin. When affirmation comes from a theologian, it is more than “star” power, especially when he’s not one of “ours”.  It is entitled, “Here are five reasons why the Churches of Christ may be right after all.”
“First, they have a profound insight into Christian music and its place in worship. I’m not sure I buy the rational that says that because the New Testament doesn’t mention musical instruments, congregations should not be forced to sing with them.” “There’s something utterly wonderful  about the sound of human voices blending together in harmony. I wonder if we have gone too far with our instrumental fetish in worship.” “Second, they’ve sure got the right name. If you think about, I mean think about it from the perspective of a friendly outsider, ‘Methodist’ and ‘Presbyterian’ and ‘Baptist’ are not really names for Christian groups. Even ‘Catholic’ sounds a little pretentious and ‘Orthodox’ a little snitty. ‘Church of Christ’ sounds pretty straightforward by contrast.” “Third, the Churches of Christ celebrate the Lord’s Supper every Sunday. Churches of Christ folk haven’t fallen for Protestants’ quirky idea that words can suffice in place of bread and wine” (Campbell had attended the Preston Road congregation to write the report) “It reminded me of the simple prayers over the bread and the wine in the second century Didache document.”                 “Fourth, there is really only one Church of Christ. That’s one of the cardinal claims of the ecumenical movement of the twentieth century, and the Churches of Christ are way out front in making us aware of that claim. You don’t have to buy the ‘hard shell’ version of the Church of Christ to own that basic truth.” “Fifth, and perhaps most importantly, the simplicity of the Churches of Christ allows them to focus on what is most important, namely, the Gospel of Jesus. There was no congregational creed beyond the songs we sang…” One visit does not a church make. But Campbell’s observations have to do with what he witnessed about that which we in the Churches of Christ may, at times,  feel inferior. Campbell said  the Churches of Christ had “not a lot of technological razzmatazz, not a lot of heavy emotion, not an elaborate or sophisticated liturgy, they just get the job done.”  Another person may have found this to be quaint and outdated, but here is a teacher of theology who came away impressed. So I offer this just in case you may be feeling a little insecure, which we (I) need to get over.             Keith        
    THOSE TO SERVE IN OCTOBERAnnouncements: Connie Crites Serve Communion: James Downing           Lyn Jordan           Susan Jordan           Mark McRoyUsher: Jeff BlandCommunion Care:  Holly WagnerSinging: Scripture:6 -Karen Branch  Judy McWhorter13-Scott Blessing    Joanne Elder 20- Del Bolin    Debbie McRoy27-Scott Blessing Holly Wagner
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OCTOBER BIRTHDAYS1- Mary L. Smith      4- Laura Schreiner   4- Garrett Lee Williams 10- Brice Reid 14- Connie Crites  15- Mary Willa Foy 16- Rob Kinney     20- Lyn Jordan24- Teryn Gaynor  24- Susan Phlegar27- T. J. Hall          31- Elliot  Hogan
3- James & Megan Downing8- Mike & Karen Crush Branch 9 – Scott & Bonnie Blessing19 – Jeff & Sherry Bland    
    ROANOKE CHURCH OF CHRIST “NEW LIFE” BULLETIN-OCTOBER 6, 2019CONCERNS: Bill Schreiner is recovering at home.  Larry  Foy health concerns.  Joni Beach’s niece, Jamie Cole. Pray for Darnell Barnes. Jo Wagner’s sister, Judy Powell throat Cancer.  Donte  McCadden, a young father with CF is home recovering. Former members, Ray and Debbie Reiss’ son-in law, David, brain Cancer treatment. Deanna McRoy has a kind of cancer that can return at any time.  DebbieMcRoy’s cousin, Linda Alsup health issues along with husband, Prentice recurring cancer.ALSO REMEMBER: Wayne Phlegar, Bill Albert, Jim Hunter, Joni & Alan Beach’s fathers, Gary Overstreet, Sheila Jansen and daughter, Amber Weaver, Melanie Gentry,, Jim and Mary Smith and Tim Elder.
__________________________________             CHURCH  WORK DAY     Our next workday is October 12th.  Mark your Calendar. Please review the list at the fellowship hall entry and add anything you see needing some TLC.  Thanks to all who have been working hard to make improvements to the church building.       THANKS      To Susan Jordan for coordinating last Sunday’s Hymn History.  Thanks to all who did a reading last Sunday for “Sing to Me a New Song”.     It was enjoyed by all.
       The Steering Committee has been meeting to discuss and praying about the continued search for a new Minister.SUNDAY SCHOOLThe Sunday morning class is now in the book of Philippians. Come and join in, class  starts at 9:30am.     
SPEAKERS       Is there something on your heart you would  like to share with the church Family. Do you know someone who can share the Word with us? Let a Steering Committee member know and they will be able to provide available dates.                 WEDNESDAY  EVENING Wednesday Evening was cancelled last week due to the heat and other factors.  Please come join us this Wednesday for our weekly supper and bible study starting at 6pm.  We’re studying the Corinthian letters.     FEEDING  AMERICA       Peanut butter is the number one needed item for Feeding America. It can be used all year.  Drop a jar off on the foyer table.  Thank you for helping our community! 
POWER OUTAGE There was no power last Sunday during Church Services.  Due to a problem on Mudlick road. 

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