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Did you know God has expanded his business? We know he is supposed to be in the prayer answering business. (I wonder how badly God wants us to answer his prayer, you know, “thy will be done” and all that?) We also know, according to TV evangelists, that God is in the money business, you know, just waiting to make us rich. It’s the old “hundredfold, heaped up and pressed down” approach. Too bad the apostle Paul and the others didn’t know about that. We also know that God is in the calling business. Even though no one else seems to hear the call except the one who said God called. And we are now hearing that God is busy calling certain people to the political arena, not to be confused with the arena well-known to the early Christians. We also know that God is in the planning business, i.e., making sure everything we do in our life is actually God’s plan for us.

It is out of this last one that now, at long last, God has opened the whole new business of match making. That’s right, God is now making sure Mr. and Miss Right get together. If you go to the internet, or watch television, you will see advertised “Christian dating services”. You will actually hear someone say that you can find God’s match for you at their service.

Now, I know God is big enough to handle a dating service, while at the same time dealing with the massive starvation, wars, political corruption, power and greed in the world. It is even possible that a match-making service would be a snap compared to the rest of it, but I doubt it. After all, all that other stuff seems to be completely out of control, and marriages aren’t doing that well either.

God, as a loving God, wants to love us and bless us. The problem comes when we tell God how to love and bless us. We can be like the child who says, “If you love me, give me what I want.” Or if we want blessed, we want to tell God when and how. Of course we want God’s blessings. We know there are things beyond our control or ability, so we ask for help from the one who has no limitation. What we need to feel is that since God does loves us, we can trust God to always do the loving thing. That also means we cannot expect God to show partiality in his love. He gives the rain to both the just and the unjust. It is not that God gives what we want, but that God gives what we need. And even there, if you are a mother in Somalia who is looking at her starving, dying child due to the drought, that hardly answers her need. Such questions are avoided by those who know God’s business.

I suppose God was waiting for the internet to come along so he could get into the match-making business. Even God can sell no line before its time. So in helping all those who have God on their side in this endeavor, I offer the following theme song. If you are old enough, the tune is to “Mr. Sandman”. And don’t forget to put in the “Bung, bung, bung, bung” at the end of each verse.

Mr. Godman, bring me a dream,
Make them the cutest that I’ve ever seen.
Give them two lips like roses and clover,
And let them read their Bible over and over.

Mr. Godman, bring me a dream,
Don’t have nobody to call my own.
Please, according to your plan,
Mr. Godman do what you can.

Mr. Godman, bring me a dream,
Make them so cute and squeaky clean.
Give them the word that I’m not a rover
Then tell them that their lonesome nights are over.

Mr. Godman, I’m so alone,
Don’t have nobody bone of my bone.
Please, while the grass is still green,
Mr. Godman bring me my dream.

Mr. Godman, bring me a dream,
Give them two eyes like peaches and cream.
Give them a heart as big as the ocean,
Come on, get this match-making thing in motion.

Mr. Godman, just someone to hold,
Would be so great, before I’m too old.
Please, please, please, I pray,
Mr. Godman, bring me a dream.

All major credit cards accepted.


CONCERNS: Eleanor Crush is now under hospice care. Wilma Cullum is now at the Roanoke Nursing Home, room 5-A. Jenni is still at Pheasant Ridge. Helen Nicklas is doing some better. Teryn Gaynor’s father has terminal cancer and has only a short time to live. Wayne Phlegar was to have back treatments for pain as soon as it could be arraigned. Two of Connie Crites’ brothers are being treated for cancer. The daughter of a friend of Judy McWhorter’s will have her cancerous thyroid removed soon. Her name is Tooney. Keep these folks in your prayers as well: Alma Martin, Connie Crites’ father (heart problems) Mike Breeding and his wife, Joni Beach’s mother, Randy Conner, (cancer) Jenni Cullum, Tim Elder, our folks who are in Guatemala working with Health Talents Int. at the Ezell Clinic, the work of Bread For A Hungry World.

MONDAY: John 8:21-47
TUESDAY: Luke 22:14-30
WEDNESDAY: Luke 12:13-34
THURSDAY: Psalm 51:1-19
FRIDAY: Acts 4:32-5:11
SATURDAY: Psalm 99:1-9, 100:1-5

MONDAY: Isaiah 6:1-12
TUESDAY: Matthew 13:1-23
THURSDAY: II Samuel 12:1-15
FRIDAY: Ephesians 6:10-20
SATURDAY: Psalm 104:1-35

Our hearts and prayers go out to Roger Fisher and the rest of his family with regard to his son, Shawn, who experienced multiple organ failure last week which makes his death immanent. Roger has been by his side since he was notified of the situation. Shawn lives in Erie, PA. More details when Roger returns.

It’s not dangerous, but it is explosive, meaning the second annual Crazy Country Christian Challenge, to be held at the Floras. It will be Saturday and Sunday, August 20-21. It starts at 9:30 on Saturday morning and will conclude on Sunday afternoon at 3:00. A big thanks to Wayne, Alisa and Nathan for all the work they put in to making this a really fun weekend for our young people. There are pictures on the wall downstairs from last years outing.

The Labor Day weekend is fast approaching. There is a sign-up sheet on the foyer table. Let us know as soon as possible if you plan to attend. We will eat on Saturday, Sept. 3, about 4 PM. This year we will be slow cooking all night, starting the evening before. Each year we try to improve the taste and quality of the pork, beef brisket and the chicken, so don’t miss it!

We once again have the opportunity to help those now serving in Afghanistan. Erma Williams has a contact there. We will be collecting individual packets of water flavors, crystal lite, etc., slim jims, wet wipes, cracker snacks, small toys for the children like hot wheels and balls, etc., and, of course, homemade cookies.

Remember to but a jar of peanut butter when you shop. The local food bank has asked our help in doing this. If you pick up specially marked jars of Peter Pan, there is a sticker on the lid. If you send the code on the label a family will be fed by the company that makes Peter Pan. Of course any good brand will do, but buy the brand you would use at home.

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