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by my friend, Ben
Jake Hanson’d sent me’n Arval Johnson over to Stanleyville to help Lynell Proctor get his loggin’ truck outta the mud. He did. Lynell were his cousin. He were. Arval were to ride back with Lynell iffen we got it unstuck. Iffen we did, Jake told me to go on home an’ he’n some of the other fellers would stay an’ help ‘em unload. He did.

Well, it were late March an’ by the time we got that truck out it were getting’ dusky-dark an’ startin’ to rain. It were.

I were about an hour outta Hickory Ridge when I saw her. She looked to be all of fourteen or so. When she saw me she raised her thumb like she were hitchin’ a ride. She did. Her hair were all down in her eyes an’ she were soakin’ wet. She were. Well, I knowed I had to stop. I did. When I did she went around an’ got into my truck. I told her she ought to be careful hitchin’ rides. She said weren’t nothin’ could be done to her what her step-pa hadn’t already done. She did. I asked iffen she were runnin’ away an’ she said she just couldn’t take it no more. Then I asked iffen she knowed where she were goin’. She said anywhere were better’n where she’d been. She did. I asked iffen she’d let me take her to the sheriff’s office an’ she said she didn’t want no law.

I asked her name, an she said “Rosella”. She weren’t tellin’ me no more than that. I asked her iffen she had a ma. I did. After a long pause she said her ma didn’t want to believe her when she told her what were goin’ on. She said her ma were so desperate an’ poor she didn’t know what they’d do iffen he throwed them out.

Now, this were a right troublin’ situation for me. It were. I knowed I couldn’t leave her on the road somewheres. An’ I didn’t want her to spend the night in jail an’ then be sent back. At least not until she’d had a chance to tell her story to the right folks. Since she’d told me she were fifteen I knowed I needed help as soon as I could find it. I did. It were then I thought of Sara Jane an’ Billy Joe Bradley. Billy Joe bein’ a doctor an’ all, he’d know just what to do. He would.

So when I got to town I told Rosella what I were gonna do. That it were either Sara Jane an’ Billy, or the sheriff. After tellin’ me just to leave her alone, she finally agreed to go to Sara Jane an’ Billy’s. She did.

Sara Jane let us in an’ she’n Billy listened to Rosella’s story. They did. Since it were getting’ late they agreed that it would be best iffen she spent the night with them. That way they could talk about what could be done for her the next mornin’. They did.

As I drove on home in the rain I remembered a time when me’n ma were ridin’ with pa on a rainy night just like this one. We were. All of a sudden there were this wet cat in the road. Pa swerved to miss it an started to drive on. But ma told him to stop. Now pa weren’t much of a cat person. He weren’t. But ma said she weren’t leavin’ that poor creature out in the rain an’ dark. She did. Well, that cat were scared to death. It were. Pa had to throw a gunny sack over it to keep it from scratchin’ us to death. He did

When we got home ma tried to feed it some warm milk. She did. But it just hunkered down behind the stove. Ma said from the marks on it that somebody’d mistreated it real bad. She said we’d just have to be patient with it. She did.

Sometime durin’ the night it come out an’ drank the milk an’ ate the soft eggs ma’d cooked for it. But it stayed behind the stove. It did. That is until pa went out the back door to do somethin’. Well, that cat lit out that door an’ headed for hard road. It did. It looked back only once an’ jumped into the weeds an’ disappeared. Ma said it probably wouldn’t do no good to try to catch it, cause it’d been so hurt by human folks that it weren’t ready to trust no one. She did.

The next mornin’ on the way to the saw mill I stopped by Billy Joe’s clinic to see iffen they’d decided how to help Rosella. I did. Billy Joe said she were gone when they woke up. He tried to find her but she were nowhere to be found.

I reckon iffen the folks what are supposed to love an’ care for us do us wrong, the scars can keep us from trustin’ anyone to love us, just like that cat ma tried to take care of. I do.

As I drove to work I couldn’t get Rosella offen my mind. I couldn’t. I wondered iffen she were okey. I knowed there weren’t nothin’ I could do ‘cept say a little prayer for her. Which is what I did.

CONCERNS: Mary Smith has been scheduled for release from rehab next Tuesday. They will make a decision on what treatment to be used on Eleanor Crush this week. She has stage three pancreatic cancer. A little six year old patient of Dr. Bolin’s has been diagnosed with a malignant inoperable brain tumor. Her name is Macy. She is now at St. Jude’s in Memphis. Teryn Gaynor’s principal’s husband has terminal cancer. She is Karen Pendelton and her husband’s name is Matt. Also dealing with terminal cancer is the husband of a friend of Erma Williams that some of us also know, Debbie Conner. His name is Randy. Andy Arnold, needs our prayers for strength as he deals with his life situation. Those who remain on our prayer list are: Shawn Bumbalough, Mike Breeding and his wife, Joanne Elder and Erma Williams (employment needs), Joni Beach’s mother, Roger Fisher’s nephew, Barbara McCauley, Jenni and Wilma Cullum and Tim Elder.

Monday: Mark 14:26-42
Tuesday: Acts 1:1-14
Wednesday: Psalm 42:1-11
Thursday: Acts 5:17-32
Friday: Hebrews 2:10-18
Saturday: Psalm 107:1-43

Monday: Matthew 18:10-20
Tuesday: Romans 14:1-18
Wednesday: II Thessalonians 3:1-16
Thursday: Genesis 45: 4-28
Friday: Mark 10:17-31
Saturday: Psalm 105:1-45

Ben and Sheila Robertson will be going to China later this month. Ben will be there on business with GE and Sheila gets to go with him. They will be gone for a little over two months. Ben has provided us with a service list through May. If there are any changes needed let the office know. Or, if you can, find someone to fill in for you.

Also, Richard and Connie Crites will be gone a few weeks this month. They will be going to Wisconsin to see Connie’s father and then visiting with Rich’s family in Illinois.

About this time each year the government worries that we are wasting too much daylight. That being the case, it has asked (required unless you live in one of those states which has seceded from DST) that on March 13 at 2:00 AM we start saving one hour each day. To do this we must set our clocks forward one hour before retiring on March 12. As to what you are to do with the hour you save, the government has not specified. However, we know the IRS will not let you claim it as a deduction. The saved hour is also like manna, it must be used that day. How is up to you.

Three days in March have been reserved by Joanne Elder’s group, Karios. They will be in the annex on Friday evening, March 18th from 6:00-10:00 PM. On Saturday, March 19th from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. And on Saturday, March 26th from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. There are three dates in April as well, along with Erma Williams using the Annex on April 16th for VBS training. Keep these dates handy so you can tell when the annex will be available to use.

There will not be another bulletin before Super Sunday, so while we’re talking about dates. Super Sunday will be on March 20. Last month we had almost everyone who worshiped with us stay for the meal. Let’s do it again this month.

Talk about herding cats! We just about have all the pictures for the new directory. However, please take note that those of you who wanted a warning so you could look better than you already do, we will be finishing up (hopefully) this Sunday if the weather co-operates for outdoor shots.

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