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Let me start with a confession. I am watching Dancing With The Stars. I’ve watched it in times past, but quit when it became “Dancing With Who?”, and when they brought back past contestants. The same with Survivor. Boston Rob ended it for me. But with “Dancing” there was something in me that remembers Gene Kelly and the likes of Danny Kaye and Donald O’Conner. When I watched them as a kid I thought it would be great to move like that.

I also loved ice skating and tried to skate (without skates) on anything frozen. I dreamed of skating on the canals of Holland. When I was in High School I got a pair of skates and the Cincinnati Gardens became a familiar place on a Friday night.

So this season when they announced the contestants on DWTS I saw Dorothy Hamill was to be a contestant. Who doesn’t love Dorothy Hamill? Then there was Kellie Pickler. I like Kellie because she’s a survivor. She was raised by her grandfather because her mother abandoned her at age two and her father was in and out of prison. As a teenager she worked as a roller-skating car hop and loved to sing. At nineteen she was on American Idol. She didn’t win but has worked hard and has become a successful and popular Country Singer. She’s the one I want to win and she’s at the top. She is always “up” for the task at hand. By the way, a sixteen year old girl named Zendaya from the Disney Channel is as sweet as can be and is an amazing dancer who could also win.

The one who almost made me give up on even watching was Andy Dick. I remember Andy from a little TV show called (I think) “News Radio”. He was funny. Then as the years passed he turned vulgar and deeply troubled. I couldn’t imagine watching him on DWTS. But I did and I am glad. Andy has gone through recovery and therapy. He is a changed man. He is gracious, kind, self-deprecating and openly honest about his past. He is grateful to be doing better and to have been invited to the show. He has a daughter he shows deep love towards and she returns it. He is one of the most loved performers on the show by the other dancers, the audience and the judges alike. He was eliminated last Tuesday after seven weeks. Not bad. He has shown that a person deeply troubled who accepts help can change. I hope it lasts and that he finds a place to use his talent.

Second chances make for good sermon material. But in the Bible there are those who got them and those who didn’t. Adam and Eve didn’t, well they didn’t die on the spot, but out into the cruel world they went. Paradise was lost, as they say. King David got one when it came to Bathsheba, but Moses didn’t when it came to that water in the rock incident. Israel got one when they were able to come back from captivity, but lost it when Rome took over. Uzzah never even got a chance to say “Oops” when he touched the Ark of Covenant. Samson got one when his hair grew back. But even with all that, “maybe you get one, maybe you don’t”, the story of the Bible is that God doesn’t give up.

For the Christian, God is best understood through Jesus. In Jesus it’s not about God maybe or maybe not giving second chances, but about God giving as many as the person needs in life. In Jesus the person doesn’t even have to ask. The woman caught in adultery didn’t ask for anything, but she was told by Jesus that he did not condemn.

Perhaps one of the best ways God’s nature can be seen in human beings is in our love of the second chance. There is something in the truly human person that wants others not to take the downward spiral into self destructive behavior. Such troubled people can be seen in any city or town. They may live under bridges or in cardboard boxes in an ally. They all have a story. All of their stories are sad and sometimes violent. Some are damaged by others and others have damaged themselves. Some are dangerous to themselves and others due to their mental state. The number of what we call “lost souls” is staggering, and we know it.

Maybe that’s why we love the stories of those who somehow got turned around. Not so they can become something we want them to be. But so they can find self-love and the human dignity everyone deserves.

The church should always be a place where that is possible.

CONCERNS: Richard Crites is in Lewis Gale Medical Center room 409. He is having physical therapy after back surgery for a tumor. He is also having treatments for prostate cancer. He will be in the hospital for a few more weeks. Stephanie Dixon had out patient surgery this week. Nick Nicklas (Leena Bolin’s brother) will have to have more cancer surgery as soon as his strength returns. T.J. Hall is recovering from heart surgery. Those dealing with or recovering from cancer are: Deana McRoy, Jim Hunter, Philip Pierce’s mother, Connie Crites’ brother, Walter Wagner (Keith’s brother) Ruby Stahl, Stephanie Ridney, and Marge Greenwood who are relatives of the Beach’s. Also, Joni Beach’s mother; Sharon and Billy and Regan, the ten year old boy who had brain surgery for brain cancer. Remember also Helen Nicklas, Martha Foy’s parents, Tim Elder, Alma Martin, Jenni Cullum and Ron Matney. Melisha is still seeking work.

Monday: Psalm 119:25-48
Tuesday: Matthew 4:1-20
Wednesday: I Corinthians 1:10-31
Thursday: Galatians 5:1-25
Friday: Daniel 3:13-30
Saturday: Colossians 1:3-20
Monday: Genesis 2:15-3:7
Tuesday: Exodus 4:1-17
Wednesday: Hebrews 11:1-18
Thursday: Ephesians 4:17-32
Friday: II Corinthians 4:7-18
Saturday: Psalm 47:1-9

The banquet for those graduating from any school or training will have a banquet this evening in the annex. There will be eats and good times as those who have reached one goal and reach for another will be honored. A special thanks to Erma Williams for making the arrangements and doing the work. Come and enjoy this time together.

If you are interested in going to camp. High Rock Bible Camp, in the southwestern part of the state is a good place to go. Former member Kevin Sigmon is one of the founders and directors. The cost is $100. which is very reasonable. A flyer is on the downstairs bulletin board, or you can fond information on line at and print out an application.

The folks at the Ronald McDonald House have sent us a card thanking us for those who have cooked evening meals in the last few weeks. ALSO: the dates have

been set for the next event. On Sunday evening, May 19, adults will be preparing the meal. On Wednesday evening, June 5 the teenagers and adults will be doing it. Set these times and dates aside and go. You will enjoy it.

If you haven’t seen the latest “Mission Moments”, the newsletter from Health Talents International, it is posted on the downstairs bulletin board. It’s full of really wonderful articles about the work at the Ezell Clinic as well as the ABC program. In fact, one of the ABC children is now grown and will become one of the doctors there in 2014

The annex is no longer being used on a regular basis on Sunday evenings, so it is available for any activity you may be planning…

On Wednesday evenings Wayne Phlegar will be teaching and the adult class on Sunday morning is studying the gospel of John.

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