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Ahaz Jr. Bar Ahaz was miffed. “I hate working Sabbath patrol!”
“You’re a police officer, Junior,” said his friend, James. “It’s your job to work on the Sabbath.”
“Do you have to call me ‘Junior’? I wish my mother hadn’t insisted that I be named after my father. No other Jew I know is a junior. Why couldn’t I have a name like yours? Your name is Jacob, but you can go by James, the Greek meaning. Do you know what the Greek for Ahaz is? Stenos. Who wants to be called that?”
“Quit complaining Stenos. Get your stuff ready and go out on Sabbath patrol.”
C’mon James, tell the truth. Don’t you think Sabbath patrol is a little Mickey Mouse?”
“Who’s Mickey Mouse?”
“I don’t know. It just popped into my head. I feel like a hypocrite doing Sabbath patrol.”
“Don’t let the captain hear you talk like that! The Sabbath is the foundation of all law. If the Sabbath isn’t kept, then the rest of the law falls apart. You might sneak a one- legged dove in for a sacrifice, but if you break the Sabbath, you’re dead meat. If you don’t want to patrol on the Sabbath, why did you become a cop?”
“We bar Ahaz’s come from a long line of cops. My great-grandfather was a cop. My grandfather and my father were cops. As the oldest son what else could I do but carry on the tradition. We Jews are big on tradition, you know.”
“So go do your job.”
“My job? Last Sabbath I saw Omar the carpenter carrying a piece of wood his neighbor had thrown away. And since he is a carpenter, carrying wood violated the Sabbath.”
“What did you do?”
“I gave him a warning.”
“There are no warnings! I should turn you in for a trick like that! . Now go on patrol. Where did they assign you?”
“That’s another thing. I’m out on the east road. How am I supposed to know if the ones I catch have walked farther than the Sabbath law allows? And, by the way, how fast can you run on the Sabbath? Is there a speed limit? Don’t you think there should be a speed limit?”
“Don’t be funny! You know out on the east road there is a marker that shows the limits of a Sabbath Day’s trip from the city. All you have to do is station yourself in hiding on that line and arrest anyone who crosses it. What’s so hard about that?”
“Okey. That marker is measured from the center of town. What if the guy lives on the east side? He should get maybe several hundred extra feet or more. Right?”
“Now you’re getting legalistic. Regardless where the person lives, east side, west side, all around the town, arrest them if they pass that point!”
“So we are at the center of town. If I go past the marker to catch someone, haven’t I violated the Sabbath?”
“Are you kidding me? We’re the police! We have to break the law to catch the ones who break the law!”
“Why don’t the scribes and Pharisees, and at least a Sadducee or two do Sabbath patrol? They’re the ones who get all bent out of shape over it.”
“Junior, how long have you been on the force? They don’t dare violate the Sabbath. Do you ever see any of them on the Sabbath, except walking to and from the synagogue? If they violate the Sabbath, all their power to be sure the rule of law is kept, collapses.”
“Yeah, right! Who would have the guts to turn one of them in? When was the last time one of them was on trial? And whatever happened to that ‘stoning’ thing?”
“The Romans took away our one- hundred and thirty-fifth amendment rights. I’ve heard stories about the good old days when Sabbath justice was swift. But all that has changed now.”
“Was it legal to stone on the Sabbath? I mean, wouldn’t that be work?”
“I don’t know. But you keep up that attitude and you can kiss your job goodbye. I can only protect you for so long.”
“Fine! Say, about how many people do you catch when you do Sabbath patrol?”
“Usually about ten or twelve.”
“If they’re not stoned, what happens to them?”
“I have no idea. My job is to uphold the law. But I have seen some of them later, and they look pretty bad. I do know they are kicked out of the synagogue.”
“Why is being kicked out punishment?”
“To tell the truth, I have seen some of them who really don’t seem to care. It’s like a burden has been lifted off their backs. The sun’s up. You need to head out.”
Just before sundown, Ahaz returns to the barracks. James, who was assigned Temple guard looks up and asks, “How did it go?”
“Lousy! I thought I had Omar the tailor. He came along and right at the line he went off the road and sat down by a rock. It looked like he prayed and then started on eastward. I jumped out and told him he had violated the Sabbath. He said he hadn’t. He took me to the rock he sat on, and beneath it he had buried a patch of cloth. He then quoted something about where your possessions are, that is where your home is. So, after praying, he said he legally had another Sabbath Day’s distance ahead of him! I had to let him go! Did you know about that Law?”
“Yeah, dummy. Anything else happen?”
“Yeah! And this is why I hate being on Sabbath patrol! There was this one guy; I was sure he was Jewish. But he said he was a gentile.”
“What did you do?”
“I made him show me his identification.”
“Yeah, you know, that circumcision or uncircumcision thing. I hate Sabbath patrol!”
“Go home, Stenos,”

CONCERNS: Betty Foy has been having headaches due to a yet diagnosed source. Del Bolin continues to improve from a blister behind his eye. Alisa Flora will be laid up for awhile due to a broken tibia. Anna Ferrell’s dad had some medical issues. but is doing better. Nathan Beach will require several more weeks for his recovery from a virus that attacked his heart region. Kathy Sirgy is also doing better. Erma Williams’ cousin, Eleanor Bresee (cancer) Leena Bolin’s aunt, Lee Nicklas, (leukemia) Her brother Nick is not doing well. Kim Hall’s friend, Mary, Martha Foy’s aunt Sue Huels (Betty Foy’s sister) Sandra Anderson, and Gil Richardson. Rich Crites, Jim Hunter, Deana McRoy, Stephanie Rigney, Marge Greenwood, Sharon, Jenni Cullum, Helen Nicklas, Tim Elder, and Mary Smith. Marie Barnett, her mother and the rest of the family. Mrs Matara and Todd Buamgardner. Also Stephanie Dixon as she awaits her surgery in December.

Monday: Psalm 48:1-4
Tuesday: Romans 11:33-12:8
Wednesday: Matthew 15:29-39
Thursday: Luke 15:1-10
Friday: Galatians 6:1-10
Saturday: Psalm 19:1-14
Monday: Psalm 119:25-48
Tuesday: Mark 4:1-20
Wednesday: I Corinthians 1:10-31
Thursday: Galatians 5:1-25
Friday: Daniel 3:13-30
Saturday: Colossians 1:3-20

Today is Super Sunday. If you missed the Bar B Que you will still be able to enjoy what was frozen, at today’s meal. There is chicken and pork. Plan to stay.
ALSO: There will be a gift from the congregation given to AC and Jake Fuller. This is the “wedding shower” after the wedding. If you want to help with the gift, give it to Keith, or at the fellowship meal.
Some of our folks will be gone for several weeks. Among them, Vivian Dugan. She will be with her daughter in Eastern Virginia for about a month. T. J. And Judy Hall hope to make the “circuit” and will be gone several weeks starting this week.
We are very close to having all the information cards turned in so a new directory can be developed and printed. There are less than five or six of you who haven’t turned in one yet. If you haven’t please pick up a card from the foyer table and fill it out. Be sure to do both sides. Thanks. As soon as we can get the information we will start taking the pictures.
Before we begin to plan for the Peaks of Otter hike and picnic in October, which will be on Sunday, October 19th, we will have a fall clean-up and work day here at the building in October. A final cutting of the shrubs and perhaps cleaning the long-needed area up on Carlton by the telephone junction box, as well as some cleaning on the hill behind the annex, should fix us until spring. There may also be some work inside the building that can be done in the room in which the communion is prepared.
We are getting use to the changes in our worship service, with the communion before the sermon and the contribution at the end. Here’s a suggestion, if you are presiding at the table, or serving communion, come to the front near the end of the last stanza of the song. This will help fill the “gap” as everyone comes to the front. This can also be done if you are leading the prayer. It will not only make the service go more smoothly, but look more orderly. Also, remember you may use the collection box on the right side pew as you enter.

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