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The title is historically tongue-in-cheek, but also serious. It is serious because Jesus stated a profound truth when he said if the foundation isn’t solid, the house will fall. Matt. 7:24ff. He was talking about following and doing what he taught. However, it applies to just about everything, especially when it comes to explaining scripture.

In a “journal” of sorts I receive, the author was railing about the gay community. He spent a couple of thousand words talking about Sodom. He didn’t throw in Gomorrah and the cities of the plain, but I guess they were included. The problem was he built his case on faulty ground. I don’t need to tell you what that was, it’s well-worn.

So lets look at the whole picture. In Genesis 13 we are told Lot and Abraham separate and Lot chooses the land near Sodom and “pitched his tents near Sodom.” vs 13.In 13 it says, “Now the men of Sodom were wicked and were sinning greatly against the Lord.” Good choice Lot! In time it seems Lot moved into the city. Another great move! And, he had a house with a door on it. Gen 19:9.

Later, in a war, Sodom and Gomorrah and some other cities were taken and Lot is captured by some “kings” (tribal rulers) and is rescued by Abraham. In that fight, Sodom and the other cities are also rescued by Abraham. Bera, king of Sodom wants to pay tribute to Abraham, but it is refused because Abraham did not want to be indebted to a crummy guy like him. I added the “crummy”.Gen. 14:21ff.

Okey, lets review. Lot goes to live with people who were known throughout the region as being wicked and sinning greatly against God. He even moves into the city itself. Sodom and Gomorrah are captured, along with Lot, but Abraham saves the day. One might ask why Abraham didn’t just save Lot and let Sodom and the other wicked cities find their own way.

Time passes. Lot has two daughters and engages them to two local boys. Gen. 19:14. Lot, what are you thinking? But we need to set the stage for the big day.

In Gen. 19, the two men (angels) deliver a message to old Abraham that he will indeed have a son who will be a big blessing to a lot of people. Then, as they leave, they decide to tell him another reason they were in town. God had heard rumors about Sodom and Gomorrah. Interesting that the all-knowing God has to send angels to check on rumors that were well-known. Remember 13:13? But God was fed up with Sodom and Gomorrah and they were to be toast. Abraham pleads for the cities, especially Sodom. Why? He’s just an all round good guy.

Lets pause and ask how many people lived in Sodom? I’ve read as high as 3,000, but who knows? There probably weren’t any women or children, since the common idea is they were all (but Lot, and maybe two more) :”homosexuals”. So, lets just say 300.

Abraham asks if God will destroy the cities if there are fifty good people (men?) there. But fifty can’t be found. This goes all the way down to ten, but still falls short. When the angels (“men” the rest of the story) came to town Lot insists they stay under his roof. Hence, in that culture, he now had to protect them with his life. It says (19:4) that all the men of the city, both young and old came and demanded that these strangers be released to them so, (The NIV says) “so that we might have sex with them.” That translation shows how much we have changed, so that we “have sex” like having a Big Mac with fries. A better translation would be, “So we can disgrace them by raping them.” The usual word is “know” and it does imply sexual contact, but not all the time. It is the context which determines the meaning.

So, what do we have? All the men in the city are outside Lot’s door. That’s a lot of men! Or, as the author of the article would say, “A lot of homosexuals.”

Inside, Lot offers his virgin daughters to the crowd. If they were all “homosexuals” what would make him think they would want his daughters? He wasn’t born yesterday! Lot tells them these strangers have his protection, and they say, “You’re an immigrant too. You’re not going to tell us what to do!” That should tell us they were not taken with strangers in town.

Then the men/angels make every man in town blind and tell Lot to get out of town. Lot goes to his future sons-in-law and tells them to get out too. Okey, filling in the blanks, his would-be sons-in-law were not at the door, and it would seem, not struck blind and not “homosexuals”. So not “all” the men were demanding the strangers release to them. Also, just think about it, if Lot and his two future sons-in-law were the good guys, they were just seven guys short of saving the city! Which is ironic, because the promise of God was that ten good guys could save the city and let the rest of the bad guys go on being bad. Bummer!

So lot, his wife, and his two daughters flee the city. His wife looked back and became a pillar of salt. He and the girls make it to Zoar. Apparently the men of Zoar were as bad as the ones in Sodom because Lot is afraid of them so they live in a cave. Why they were not destroyed is not revealed. As the story unfolds it seems there wasn’t even two good men in Zoar, so the girls decide to get dad drunk to carry on the bloodline.. The outcome explains the existence of the Moabites and the Amonites, which is probably the purpose of the story in the first place because that’s the last we hear of Lot..

To understand the story of Sodom and Gomorrah it should be compared with Judges 19-21. Here is a story like that of Sodom. The Levite and his concubine are in a city of Benjamin when the men of the city demand he be sent out to them so they might “know” him. The same word as in Genesis.19. Yet when the Levite tells of the abuse in which his concubine was killed, he says, “intending to kill me”. So they were going to “know” him in a way that would end in his death. Were they also “homosexuals”? No. We need to get it right.

CONCERNS: Richard Crites’ sister had back surgery and is doing well. Martha Foy asks prayers for Sandra Anderson, and her aunt, Sue Huels. Continue in prayer for Nick Bolin (Leena’s brother), Hannah, a classmate of Garrett Lee Williams, Gil Richardson, Jim Hunter, Dee=ana McRoy, Stephanie Rigney, Marge Greenwood, Sharon, Jennie Cullum, Helen Nicklas, Tim Elder, Mary Smith, Gary Overstreet, and Mrs. Matara, the mother of one of Jim Hunter’s friends. Also those with Health Talents and Bread For A Hungry World.
Monday: John 1:1-18
Tuesday: Luke 18:1-4
Wednesday: II Corinthians 1:3-11
Thursday: I Corinthians 5:1-8
II Corinthians 1:23-2:11
Friday: Job 1:13-2:10
Saturday: Psalm 97:1-12
Monday: I Timothy 6:11-21
Tuesday: Psalm 119:89-112
Wednesday: Mark 2:15-3:6
Thursday Acts 8:4-24
Friday: Luke 22:39-53
Saturday: I Corinthians 15:42-48

Today, Feb. 16, is Super Sunday. With the heavy snowfall we had to cancel Wednesday evening service again last week. Many of the city streets are not yet in good shape, but we hope to we are able to be together today. The fireplace is all set up for a nice warm day.
A steering committee meeting is planing to meet in the library after the Super Sunday meal. There are several items that we are seeking to start n very soon. When the plans for the improved upstairs restroom are finished we will start on that. We are also getting closer to starting the improvements in our worship time together. This, as well as something planned for April that will involve the community are some of the things we will be discussing. In e=relation to that, thanks to all of you for your generous support of the work we are trying to do.
The main roads were mostly clear, but most of those going could not get out of their neighborhoods until it was too late to go to Gatlinburg.
Once a year for a number of years we have had a representative on the Gideons tell us about their work of distributing Bible throughout the world. Next Sunday, Larry Davis will present a short message before the sermon. He will take a “retiring offering” in the foyer after the service for anyone who would like to make a contribution.
Sunday, March 2nd, Dwayne Castell will be our speaker. He represents Churches of Christ Disaster Relief Effort. Inc. Out of Nashville. He will inform us about the good work of this organization as they carry on disaster relief all across the country, and what we might expect from them if we had a need for their services.
During the water crisis in West Virginia they took four tractor trailer truck lots of water to the Cross Lanes and Charleston area.
Due to the record breaking snow, the bulletin was not mailed locally.

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