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“Okey you guys, come in and take a seat at the table.
“As you know, we’re putting a New Testament together. The four of you were chosen to each write an account of Jesus’ life. What you’ve turned in has been proofread, and today we want to do some final editing.
“Mark, were you late for a dinner date or something? No mention of Jesus’ birth or anything about his childhood? Just jump right in with John the baptizer?”
“I wanted to get to the point. The point is that Jesus came, tried to teach the will of God and he was killed for it. Right?”
“I suppose. But you’re not much on miracles either, or the sermon on the mount, or on the plain. I thought the one about Blind Bartimaeus was good. It had a lot more going for it than met the eye. At least you got the transfiguration in, but the crucifixion story was a little lean.”
“Well, the transfiguration story was big. Some of them almost didn’t believe it. But the crucifixion was more about the resurrection than his death, in my opinion.”
“One last point. What is it with all this ‘immediately” stuff? I counted at least thirty-nine of them”
“Well, as I saw it, Jesus only had three years, so I wanted to stress the need to get it done.”
“Right. Matthew, good job on the birth story. But you left out some of Jesus’ ancestors in the genealogy. Can you explain?”
“First, my audience are primarily Jews like me. Genealogy is important to us. Material for scrolls is hard to come by, so I arranged the important ancestors in groups of fourteen, to make it easier to remember.”
“Okey, but you never said why Jesus was born in Bethlehem, and that story about the three magicians, where did that come from?”
“I wanted to be sure Jesus was seen as the king that he was. So I started the bulk of the story when he was about two years old. I used the Egypt story to show that he had also been banished and was called out just as Moses was. Sorry about ‘stretching that passage about “Out of Egypt I have called my son’.”
“I noticed that. Well, a little poetic licence won’t hurt. By the way, the sermon on the mount was great, as was the prayer of Jesus for the disciples.
“Luke! Good work giving the poor and the women their proper place in the Kingdom. However, some of the other guys were a little put off by your introduction. What’s with this ‘It seemed good to me to write an orderly account’? And who’s Theophilus? You were asked to do this for the compiling of four stories about Jesus.”
“Sorry, but I tell it like I see it.”
There was a notable grunt from Matthew and Mark. John just smiled as if he knew something they didn’t. “Fine. I do like the story of the good Samaritan, and that prodigal son story will go down in history.
“You did a commendable job on the crucifixion. Good take on the two thieves, especially the one who asked Jesus to allow him to be in the kingdom. That will keep people talking til time ends.”
“John, John, John, John! John! What is this? ‘In the beginning was the word’? No birth story. No mention of miracles. Everything is a ‘sign’. No Lord’s supper?
“You rushed to the cross like it was all there is. You did pause long enough to tell us about Lazarus. The was a hoot. And the details of the crucifixion. Pretty gory, don’t you think?
“If your story makes it in, it will have an asterias beside it.
“We’ve got a lot of work to do. This thing has to be seamless, not all this mismatched stuff. Nobody will believe it’s inspired the way it is. No one will believe one spirit wrote this through four different persons. You can’t have witnesses telling different stories.”
John decided it was time to speak.
“You may remember I wrote about the time Jesus said something like,’If you seek to do the will of God, you will know my teaching is from God.’ (Jn 7:16) It’s not in how it’s written. It’s in how it’s heard.”
And they all said, “Amen!”

CONCERNS: It’s good to see, as we start the new year, that the “Concerns” list is shorter than it has been in a while. So this issue will have a little more information in it about the folks listed. Keep they folks in your prayers. Roger Fisher has asked for our prayers as he deals with some depression during this time of the year. Call him and let him know you’re praying for him. It does help. Elizabeth (Marie) Barnett is still job hunting. Nathan Beach is nearing the end of the period he needs to take it easy due to a heart related issue. Leena Bolin’s aunt, Lee Nicklas, (leukemia) Also, her mother, Helen, is not doing well. Kim (Hall’s) friend, Mary (MS) Sue Huels, Betty Foy’s sister. Sandra Anderson, Gil Richardson and Rich Crites. Jim Hunter is having an issue with his big toe, due to diabetes. As of now things are looking better. Debbie McRoy asks that we keep her daughter-in-law, Deana in our prayers. She is cancer free, but it was an aggressive kind. Also Stephanie Rigney, Marge Greenwood, Jenni Cullum, Tim Elder, Mary Smith, Mrs Matara, and Todd Baumgardner, who is awaiting a kidney transplant.

Monday: Exodus 1:15-2:10
Tuesday: Mark 1:16-34
Wednesday: Genesis 17:1:21
Thursday: Job 42:1-17
Friday: Luke 4:1-13
Saturday: Psalm 63:1-11
Monday: Psalm 16:1-11
Tuesday: Matthew 20:1-16
Wednesday: Amos 3:12-4:5
Thursday: Hebrew 10:19-39
Friday: Ephesians 5:3-20
Saturday: Psalm148:1-14

Next Sunday, January 11, will be the beginning of a new adult class. You have seen the notices in the foyer, and there will signs in the yard inviting the community to come and join us in a new approach to studying the New Testament.
The format will be similar to a book club, with each student reading a section of the NT at home and then discussing it in a casual setting on Sunday mornings.
Material for the class is in the adult classroom downstairs. You can also see updates on our web site, roanokechurchof
We were saddened to learn of the death of Mary Smith’s brother, Clarence. He died Christmas Eve in Chattanooga, TN
Stephanie Dixon passed al her finals as she takes one more step to becoming a registered nurse. She is in the home stretch. ALSO: The Wagner’s granddaughter,(and Megan Downing’s sister) Melanie, announced her engagement to Preston Thompson. No marriage date has been set.
Today we will adopt the poinsettas which have graced the building during the Christmas season. If you would like to have one, and promise to keep it alive for as long as you can, please take one. If you know someone who would give one a good home, feel free to deliver it to them. NOTE: Please leave the round trays they are in. They are used over and over each year.
We are about five people short in completing the information directory cards. These may seem insignificant, since once all the information is gathered it will be in the directory. However, these cards also contain information about what service you are willing to render, even beyond those of you who will participate in the Sunday worship service.
Once completed, they will be placed in a three-ring binder and will allow the office to let anyone who is looking for a particular talent to call and ask, such as teaching, cooking food, visiting shut-ins or other forms of service. If you are not sure if you’ve turned a card in see Keith.

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