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Thanks to Charlie Daniels for the destination. No offence to Georgians.
The devil decided to make a call on the western hemisphere and stopped by Georgia, probably near Atlanta.
Inside Hell (the little devils called their Georgia center that) there was a flurry of activity. Beevil, the administrator, had called a meeting of all the disciples to tell them Old Scratch was dropping by, so they needed to be on their worst behavior. Old Scratch was NOT the name they would use. That would be “Master.” But even little devils have to be, well, little devils.
Satan arrived and he and Beevil went to the communication center. It was abuzz with activity. “I’m impressed, Beevil”, said Satan. “It looks like there is a lot of devilish activity going on in the region.”
“It’s nasty work, but somebody has to do it. Just a little joke there Master, we all love being devilish.”
“Well, as you know, I’ve been busy in Europe, Asia and Africa, just going to and fro overseeing my work. But I kind of lost touch with the West. As you know, even we on the dark side have to keep improving. So I wanted to stop by and see how the work was going.”
“Master, you know about the internet, right?”
“Of course. It’s not called the world wide web for nothing! It has been one of the most effective tools for us in modern history. The reason we are so good at what we do is because we can take something as productive and good as the internet and twist it for our use.
“You might not believe it, but I’ve seen young graduate devils blush at what they see written on the internet.”
“But those people already belong to us, at least most of them. Our goal is the godfearing people, The way we work with them is not generally awful language, but fear, prejudice and half truths.
“First we set them up by injecting a little unfounded fear, after all, we are your children. O Father of Lies. Then we send them looking on the net for that which will prove the fear is real, It’s rather amazing how we do it. Your devoted servants can make up anything that will increase hatred and fear, post it on a web site with some official title and they believe it. Not only that, but they will pass it on without even checking to see if it’s true. From there we can only guess how far it will spread. And, even if they rescind it, most of those who read it still believe it. You’d be surprised how many humans work for you and don’t even know it. There’s one guy out there who denies that the Columbine shooting took place. Remember that? And the killing of the children at the Sandy Hook School. He denies that as well.”
“Nobody believes him, do they?”
“Master! Humans believe whatever we want them to once we get in their heads. You see, the best way to use a, lets say, Christian, is to separate their religious performance from their actual thinking. In other words, and I hate to quote you know who, but we make the tree look good, but the fruit is rotten.”
“That’s all well and bad, but what are you doing that is new and innovative?”
“Come with me Master. We are going to the newest Control Center. It’s our version of the NSA.”
“What makes it different than the internet?”
“It’s more personal. It gets right into the down and dirty. We jokingly call it Octopus, because it can stretch in all directions and stick to anything it touches. It’s actually called Facebook, and it’s one of the most advanced forms of communication on planet earth.”
“I know about Facebook! Do you think I’m an idiot!? People love it.”
“We know! It is actually a wonderful thing, if I dare say. But our job is to use it for our purpose. Any good thing has the potential to be used for bad. As you know, on Facebook somebody befriends somebody and they befriend somebody and soon we have an ever-expanding network of people. All we have to do is use the same principals we do on the net, and boom, we’re half way around the world!”
“Again, our main target is Christians, they know that Paul guy said, ‘Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely,’ you know, think on those things.”
“When it comes to social media they seem to miss that. By the way Master, you quote scripture almost like a believer!”
“Watch you tongue, Beevil! The Macon County line needs a swamp keeper!”

OCTOBER BIRTHDAYS: 1-Mary Smith 4-Laura Schreiner 4-Garrett Lee Williams 10-Brice Reid 14-Connie Crites 15-Mary Willa Foy 20-Lyn Jordan 20-Melisha Scruggs 24-Teryn Gaynor 24-Susan Phlegar 27- T.J. Hall
OCTOBER ANNIVERSARIES: 3-James & Megan Downing 8- Mike & Karen Crush Branch 9-Scott & Bonnie Blessing 19- Jeff & Sherry Bland
CONCERNS: Judy and T. J. Hall. Teresa Robertson asks prayer for her aunt, Patricia Hall, another aunt, Reva Almond, and Teresa’s son’s girlfriend, Kayla. Martha Foy ask our prayers as see seeks a new job. Remember also, Jim White’s mother, Carol Jones, Teryn Gaynor’s mother, Sheila Jansen and her daughter Amber Weaver. Marjorie Wilson, Melanie Gentry, Joni Beach and family as they deal with the death of their mother, Betty Voss. Also, Joni’s aunt, Pat Voss, and a niece, Jamie Cole. Jim Hunter is now able to work a little, Wayne Phlegar, David Albert, Leena Bolin’s aunt, Lee Nicklas, and a cousin, Tolly Nicklas, as well as a friend, Chris Campbell. Ray and Darnel Barns, Gil Richardson, Deana McRoy, Stephanie Rigney, Jim and Mary Smith and Tim Elder.

Monday: I Peter 1:13-25
Tuesday: Psalm 95:1-11
Wednesday: Matthew 14:13-33
Thursday: Romans 12:9-21
Friday: I Timothy 1:12-2:7
Saturday: Psalm 116:1-19
Monday: John 1:35-51
Tuesday: Revelation 1:4-20
Wednesday: I Corinthians 6:7-20
Thursday: Luke 17:11-19
Friday: Philippians 2:1-13
Saturday: Psalm 98:1-9

The congregation was saddened to learn of the death of Joni Beach’s mother, Betty Voss. She died at home Sunday evening, September 25, after a long battle with cancer.
The funeral was held in Sanford, NC on Friday, September 30 and the burial just over the hill from their home.
Full details can be seen at the Boles Funeral Home in Sanford web page.
A sign-up sheet is on the table in the foyer for the Peaks hike and picnic. Please sing the list soon so we can know the interest in continuing doing this. Not as many climb to Sharp Top, but others enjoy the picnic afterward. It takes a lot of work and help to get everything up there and ready, so let your wishes be known soon.
The peanut butter drive for Feeding America will conclude next week. Bring a jar of peanut butter next Sunday and place it on the downstairs table or the one in the foyer.
We’ve been talking about the work Roger Fisher has done on the area above the disabled parking area. A fellow who did some tree work for the church saw it and decided he’d give us a freebie and finish it up. If you have been part of this church for thirty or more years, you have never seen that area look so clean. All that remains is some ground cover that can be removed in the spring if need be.
T. J. And Judy Hall have decided on a condominium in North Carolina, instead of a house. They will close on it in a week or so. The date of their move will be soon after that.
On Super Sunday this month we will hear from Susan Jordan about her week with the Ezell Clinic in Guatemala.. As we’ve mentioned before, Susan’s enthusiasm about the work there has inspired her sister and two others to go with her. Susan will tell us about how the trip effected them

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