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THE SCRIPTURE WARS – New Life Bulletin

Deciding the meaning of scripture has been going on since scripture was seen as authoritative.  The simple statement, “It says what it means and means what it says”, betrays ignorance when it comes to understanding scripture.           Even the Old Testament law had along with it an explanation about the application of many of those laws. Jewish scholars could see that the Law of Moses had to be reasoned with. For example, when it came to an eye for an eye, one scholar said the size of the eye should be considered. If a small eye had been lost, it did not seem fair or just that a large eye would have to be given up to satisfy justice. You may find that a little silly, but it is not.  Fairness in law requires that all things be considered. In other words, you don’t execute someone for shoplifting. The idea of equal value was, and still is, important.   We take  religion seriously, especially when we line up on opposite sides and shoot scripture at each other. It happens all the time and it usually deals with the “letter” of the law versus the “spirit” of the law.  The problem is that “law” and scripture are not the same thing. There are principles and guidelines in scripture as well as direct instructions. Such as “giving as one has prospered.” But even such a guideline as that can evoke disagreement as to what it means. The list could go on, but that is not my interest when I speak of the scripture wars.  While arguments about whether John the Baptist’s baptism was valid for the forgiveness of sins, to a hundred other things are interesting enough and can split groups into warring factions, these are not the worst of the scriptural wars. The worst are those where scripture is hurled as bombs to explode an understanding of scripture which supports human value. It happened all the time throughout history and it is happening now.        One of the first great sins of humanity was when one group looked at those who were in a different group and decided that the different group was inferior to them. We could say it started with Cain and Able. Seen as inferior, they do not deserve to be treated as equals. In fact, they could be treated like animals if they could be overpowered. They could be used as slaves or anything the imagination desired.         All human groups have looked at themselves as superior to others. The Egyptians, mostly because the people of Israel were squatters in the land that bordered on the one access to Egypt from the east, and did not believe in Egypt’s gods, decided they could not depend of these foreigners to be loyal to them, so since they were not Egyptians, relocated and enslaved them.  All wars ancient wars ended with persons taken as slaves. Even the Jews saw foreigners as potential slaves after a battle.  Value even differed  between tribes of the same people. Jacob and Esau were brothers, but their value was seen as unequal because of their birth dates. With this inequality so deep seated, it is no surprise that any number of things became deciding factors in determining the value of the person or persons. In a patriarchal world it was easy to place women as inferior to men. This has gone on for centuries and in many places it is still part of the social structure. In each case where the Bible was considered a determining factor, scripture was used as proof. Those who would come to oppose this view also pulled out scripture to prove the other side wrong. One would think there would be a clear winner. After all, scripture is authoritative, is it not?  But neither side sees the other side’s scriptures as being correct and authoritative.  Color became the most common judgment of a person’s worth.  Even shades of color counted in the worth of the person. Black became the extreme on one end and white on the other. This was true even though humanity did not advance first through the lightest skinned people. It is interesting that color is not a strong element for determining value in the Bible. So it is also interesting that scripture was, and is, used to support discrimination based on color.         In the Bible, as well as societies beyond the Bible, value was based on ancestry.  Regardless of color, if you were part of what was believed to be superior ancestry, or of a superior god, others were inferior. Since they were inferior they did not deserve to be treated as equals with equal value.                                                    It is at the point that scripture is used to prove that some persons are inferior to others because of gender, race, region and any other thing that devalues the person, that the real harm is done. Using scripture to argue over intangible things is one thing. Using scripture to argue human value is quite another.       Does scripture argue for human value and equality? Of course.  But those who argue the opposite position lob their scriptures across the trenches in an attempt to win their position. And so the war goes on as it has from the beginning. It is so deeply entrenched that there is little use to argue at all, especially using scripture. So how can these kinds of issues be solved? Any suggestion can be opposed. But I think we need, when human value and equality is involved, to step away from proof texts and look at how pitiful history has shown such an approach to be. In each case, with one sex seen as inferior to the other, with certain colors being inferior to others, with a certain color from a certain region being so inferior they are considered less than fully human, so they can be used like animals, or with economic status as a value, history has shown those who refused to grant equality by using scripture to be historically inferior!            Not only Jesus, but others who have demanded that all human beings be treated as they themselves want to be treated, see it as the beginning and the end of human value. What that takes is a change of heart, not a scripture war.                                       Keith

   ROANOKE CHURCH OF CHRIST “NEW LIFE” BULLETIN- September 15, 2019CONCERNS:  Laura Schreiner‘s  husband Bill had a heart attack and is in Cardiac Intensive Care at Roanoke Memorial. Wayne Phlegar is on oxygen treatments.  Larry  Foy health concerns.  Joni Beach’s niece, Jamie Cole. Pray for Darnell Barnes. Jo Wagner’s sister, Judy Powell throat Cancer.  Donte  McCadden, a young father with CF is home and applying for a grant for a transpl
Former members, Ray and Debbie Reiss, son-in law, David, brain Cancer Treatment. Deanna McRoy has a kind of cancer that can return at any time.  Debbie McRoy’s cousin,  Linda Alsup health issues along with husband,  Prentice recurring cancer. Also: Joni and Alan Beach’s fathers, Gary Overstreet, Bill Albert, Jim Hunter, Sheila Jansen and daughter, Amber Weaver, Marjorie Wilson, Melanie Gentry, Wayne Phlegar, Jim and Mary Smith and Tim Elder.
     NEW LIFE IN CHRIST        On Monday night, September 9th  Amy Wade, Abby Smith, Lisa Nelms  were baptized. Amy and Lisa are the grand daughters of Vivian Dugan and the daughters of Cathy & Jeff  Martin.  Abby  is Amy Wade’s  Daughter. We welcome them into the family of God.                           SUPER SUNDAY  Today is Super Sunday.  The fellowship meal will be in the annex following service.  We will be having the brisket that was frozen after Pig Roast.  Come enjoy this fellowship time together.      THANKS  Our thoughts today will be directed by Mike Branch.  Our thanks to him for the message     SUNDAY SCHOOL            The Sunday Morning Class is now in the book of Ephesians.  Come join in.    THANKS      A special Thank you to Wayne, Nathan, Holly and Garrett Lee for working so hard to remove a  tree.  Erma worked inside on the church workday. Thanks to all who have been working so hard to make improvements to the church building.         NEXT CHURCH  WORK DAY      Mark  your Calendar for October 12th. The  next plan  work day is from 9am through Noon.   
     A FREE ORGAN       A organ that  was donated to the church years ago was worth a thousand dollars at that time.  The Organ needs tender loving care.  It has been in storage for many years. The organ is a Grahm & Son Rhythm II.  See  Keith or Joanne if interested.  WEDNESDAY EVENING         Please come join us on Wednesday for our weekly supper and bible study starting at  6:00pm We’re studying 1st Corinthians.

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