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I walked with Jesus.
Not the same way he walks with me, 
He didn’t know I was there.
If he did he gave no sign.
It was if there was a glass wall between us,
And only I could see through it.
I walked beside him,
But we seemed worlds apart.

We were in Palestine,
In his time.
I knew the story
But from my side of the wall 
It was somehow new and strange.
He seemed so alone or sad,
I couldn’t tell which.

As we walked,
Some men stopped him 
And a bitter discussion ensued.
I noticed for the first time
I could not hear him,
Only the others.
They called him a blasphemer and a devil.

When it was over
I was embarrassed for him.
I also knew something of confrontation.
A person can only endure rejection
As long as they have family and friends
Who love them.

I looked for that someone with him
And found no one.
His family and friends stood helplessly by,
Tears filled his mother’s eyes,
As they told her he must have gone mad,
Perhaps demon possessed,
Completely beside himself.
They did not know what to do with him.
He walked on alone as I followed.

There must be someone!
Yes! Those twelve men,
Confused and hopeful
Who followed him.
Then came others 
From villages and towns,
Curious and questioning.

He said things they did not understand
And there were serious doubts.
They questioned why they followed him.
Some began lagging behind,
Others stopped completely.
Even I felt tired And felt the pull of those
Who turned away.
He was ahead of me now,
But I kept walking with him.

More confrontation with religious leaders
Which drained him more and more.
His eyes kept looking heavenward,
As if expecting something.
I saw moments of pain on his face,
As well as on the face of the twelve.
They spoke in hushed voices
That I could not hear.

I knew that disaster was close at hand,
I stumbled as I walked into the night,
But I was determined to go on,
Because I too had walked
In dubious times.
Where is Judas Going?

He went to a dark garden
Just outside the city.
He motioned for the others
to stay behind.
I started to follow
But something told me I could not.

Then Judas was there
And not alone.
Jesus appeared and was taken away.
There was a brief struggle,
And then we all ran,
Except Judas.

Drained and weary before the High Priest,
Then at Pilate’s palace,
Jesus turned, as if looking for a familiar face.
But only heard cries for his death.
They led him away into the darkness
Where in my dread I dared not go.

Then I heard heavy and labored breathing
And he was moving painfully toward me.
A large beam was laid on his shoulders and He looked small and bent beneath the weight.
My body felt like it was made of stone
As I fell to the ground.

I could hear my scream, “Lord, I can’t!
I can’t go with you!
It’s to much for me.”
He stopped before me
And as he squinted in the early light
He looked at me and said,”I know.”
The glass wall was gone
And I could see clearly the love of God.

Announcements: Judy McWhorter
Serve Communion: Lyn Jordan
                  Wayne Flora
                  Joanne Elder
                  Holly Wagner
Usher: Garrett Williams
Communion Care: Susan Phlegar
Singing:        Scripture:
4-Scott Blessing    Mark McRoy
11-Del Bolin            Mark McRoy
18-Karen Branch    Mark McRoy
25-Del Bolin        Mark McRoy
Communion:        Nursery:
4-Abraham Sirgy    Connie Crites 
11-Abraham Sirgy      Connie Crites
18-Abraham Sirgy    Connie Crites
25-Abraham Sirgy       Connie Crites
*This is a summer list. If you can’t serve, contact Erma Williams

10-Laura Hogan 11-Garrett Williams, Sr.
20-Scott Blessing  28-Holly Wagner    

AUGUST ANNIVERSARIES      17-Mark & Rhonda McRoy
       27-Tim & Joanne Elder
       27- Bud & Judy McWhorter
       31- Steve & Teryn Gaynor
RONALD MCDONALD HOUSEMike Branch and Lyn Jordan
CONCERNS: Jim Washington, friend of Laura Schreiner, is on heart transplant list. Laura Schreiner has COPD. Raymond Eichler has been receptive to housing decisions.  Mark McRoy’s  neighbor’s cousin Paul Esteppe, has jaw  cancer with home hospice.  Don & Sheri Blackwell spine injury recovery back home in Southhaven,MS. Teryn Gaynor’s mother’s tumor scan and reports have come back good. Continued prayers for her stepfather.  Joni Beach’s niece, Jamie Cole. Jo Wagner’s sister, Judy Powell throat Cancer and her cousin Harold Clark, Lung Cancer.  Asking for prayers for Donte McCadden, a young father with CF, who is now in critical care at UVA. Former members, Ray and Debbie Reiss’ son-in law, David, brain Cancer Treatment. Deanna McRoy has a kind of cancer that can return at any time.  Debbie McRoy’s cousin, Linda Alsup health issues along with husband, Prentice recurring cancer. 
ALSO REMEMBER: Bill Albert, Jim Hunter Joni & Alan Beach’s fathers, Gary Overstreet, Bill Albert, Jim Hunter, Sheila Jansen and daughter, Amber Weaver, Marjorie Wilson, Melanie Gentry, Wayne Phlegar, Jim and Mary Smith and Tim Elder

Bible Study: 9:30 AM
Sunday Worship: 10:30 AM
Wednesday Evening: 7:00 PM

Keith Wagner

         CHURCH  WORK DAY 
     Mark  your Calendar for August 10th.  The  next plan  work day is from 9am through Noon.  The accomplishments are beginning to be visible. Thanks to all who contribute. 
    To Scott  Blessing  for last Sunday’s message.  Thank you, Scott for your  time and coordination of “The Broken Wall“ Everyone enjoyed it. 

      Is there something on your heart you’d like to share with the church family?    
Do you know someone who can share the Word with us?  Let a steering committee member know and they will provide available dates. 

       PIG ROAST
       Saturday, August 31st  is our annual Pig Roast from 2-4. Sign up sheet on foyer table. 

GUATEMALA    Prayers for Susan Jordan who will be traveling from August 2nd through 8th, to Guatemala to assist in Health Talents’ clinical work at Clinica Ezell. 

    There’s always room for you.  Please come join us on Wednesday for our weekly supper and bible study starting at 6pm.  We’re studying The Corinthian letters.
The Sunday morning class is now in the book of Galatians. Come and join in. 

       Peanut butter is the number one needed item for Feeding America. It can be used all year.  Drop a jar off on the foyer table.  Thank you for helping our community! 

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