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I enter the room used for worship,
The one we hesitate to call a sanctuary.
I smile at others and we exchange small Talk.
But soon I find I am confronted with myself.

I wonder about the years that have passed,
And if I made the progress I should have?
So many things have been left undone,
And dreams have faded into a fog of doubt.

It’s amazing how simple life looks when
You are young,
And how soon it takes on new complications.
What was absolutely certain and Unchangeable,
Have become uncertain and have changed.

I didn’t intend it to be this way.
I didn’t sit down and say,
“I will make this mistake.
I will let this important thing get away from Me.”
But time is the spoiler which erodes And corrodes.

I wonder how alone I am?
Do the ones who sit within my reach,
Whose singing voices I can hear,
Know the disappointments and fears I’ve Known?

The minister has just said God loves me.
Does he know anything about me?
Does he have any realization at all
As to what it would take for God to love Me?

Sometimes I wonder why I come to this Place.
I feel like a moth drawn to the flame;
A flame which is said to purify,
But seems to want to totally consume me.

What would happen if the heavens Suddenly opened
And the secrets of my life poured out?
Would the minister still say God loves me,
And would the others still smile and be Friendly?

The tears now silently slip down my Cheeks.
I wipe my eyes and notice
I have been Discovered.
Will they ask me if they can help,
Or will they think I’m a fool?

Do they realize how hopeless I feel,
How crazy it seems to keep coming to this Place;
A place of hope, a place where change is promised,
And yet each day seems worse
Than the one before?

Lord, I would seek your face.
I would look Into your eyes
And pray I would see the softness
I’ve heard is there;
And in some real way,
I might see the soul of God.

My God.
If I could just see your mouth
And Know that when I approach, you smile.
That you might even laugh with me
As I hear you say, “I love you”

Could I possibly in this moment,
Father, Reach out and take your hand?
Could I feel the very strength of God,
Given willingly to me?

Could it be,
If I looked into your eyes
And heard you tell me you do love me,
And I Touched your hand,
Would you take me in your arms like a Small child?

Father, could I leave this place today
With my hand in yours as you lead the way?
Could I know I can be just what you want Me to be?
Please Father, look at me, smile at me, touch me!


*These are a combination of thoughts I’ve felt and have also been expressed by others over the years.

Announcements: Connie Crites
Serve Communion: Lyn Jordan
Susan Jordan
Holly Wagner
Garrett Williams

Usher: Jeff Bland
Communion Care: Wayne Flora
Singing: Scripture:
5-Karen Branch Martha Foy
12-Del Bolin Marta Albert
19-Scott Blessing Joanne Elder
28-Scott Blessing Judy McWhorter
Communion: Nursery:
5-Mike Branch Susan Phlegar
12-Scott Blessing Susan Jordan
19-Abraham Sirgy Holly Wagner
28-Keith Wagner Alisa Flora

If you cannot serve, call Erma Williams

2- Jay Thompson 7-Debra McRoy
20-Sherry Bland

22- Abraham & Kathleen Sirgy
26-Delmar & Leena Bolin

Marta Albert leads this work along with Holly Wagner


CONCERNS: Judy McWhorter is still recovering from knee surgery. She had her staples removed on 5/1/19. She is now able to walk with a cane and no longer needs a walker. She will be starting out patient therapy next week. Which means she will be able to drive. Please keep her in your prayers. Teryn Gaynor’s mother’s tumor has enlarged and is awaiting a treatment plan. Also: Joni and Alan Beach’s fathers. Gary Overstreet. Bill Albert. Jim Hunter. Sheila Jansen and daughter, Amber Weaver, Marjorie Wilson. Melanie Gentry. Wayne Phlegar. Jim and Mary Smith annd Tim Elder.

Keith Wagner

There is still work to be done around the church. Our next work Saturday is May 11th. Please join us to help make our church beautiful. There is a sign up sheet in the annex next to the entry/exit door. Can you accomplish any of the items? Is there something we missed? You can pick a project and work on your schedule also. Please make any notes, as appropriate, so all will know the status. Plans are to have a different monthly Saturday to provide a variety of opportunities for each of us to lend a hand. Next date will be June 1st.

The Sunday morning class is finishing a study of the book of Acts. Come and join in. A new study will be selected soon. It you have suggestions, come and share them.

Please come join us on Wednesday
for our weekly supper and bible study. Feeds your body and soul at 6:00 pm. We’re studying Romans. There’s always room for you.

Thanks to Connie Crites for the flowers in front of the annex. Erma was also involved as well.

Nick Bolin will Graduate this month from Virginia Tech with a Master’s Degree in History, with a Certificate in Public History.

        2019 GRADUATES
If others will be graduating this year or know someone who will, see or call Erma Williams.  

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